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Thursday, 31 October 2024

9:00 am

The Brightside Brisbane, Warner Street, Fortitude Valley QLD, Australia

This Halloween, we’re slaying back to the early 00’s revisiting the crypts of yesteryear that plagued the Hellmouth of Sunnydale, with burlesque, drag, sideshow, theatrics, queer performance art and so much more!

alt.BIMBO is an evening fiercely celebrating and empowering afab, non binary, and trans artistic talent. Unapologetically dipping into the nostalgia of cult classic television and films including Buffy, Angel, The Craft and Charmed, alt.BIMBO is sure to slay (pun absolutely intended).

The show will be supporting and raising funds for Dreamtime Aroha and the exceptional work that they do for so many communities for First Nations people.

alt.BIMBO promises to be THE Halloween party of 2024! So gather your spook squad and throw on your favourite 90s/00s Buffy inspired looks! Are you a "I may be dead, but I'm still pretty" kinda glamour ghoul, or more of a "thing that monsters have nightmares about"?

alt.BIMBO is the largest alt. show to-date and we are ready to serve you all of your late night vampire Slayer fantasies with a cast of nationally renowned superstars of the fringe world and thrilling underground treasures.

Full cast to be announced soon.

alt. unapologetically celebrates those who are uniquely different and fierce. Mister, we ARE the weirdos.

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