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Thursday, 4 July 2024

9:00 am

The Brightside Brisbane, Warner Street, Fortitude Valley QLD, Australia

We told you to keep those MySpace accounts active because alt.SCENE is back by popular demand!

This isn’t our first Black Parade, Scene Queens! Featuring an uWu cast straight out of your MySpace Top 8, expect a fierce celebration of individuality and artistic excellence with a heavy dose of Rawr XD! 

So join us as we queerly celebrate the scene subculture of the early 2000s. Dust off your MCR records, grab your skinny jeans, overload the eyeliner and get ready for A Day (or Night) to Remember.

Yes, it’s on the 4th of July – let’s hope America is just going through a phase (mom) and becomes more progressive – afterall, Ohio is for lovers! 

This time we will be supporting some of Meanjin’s incredible trans women, raising money towards gender affirming care!

Now go straighten those neon-striped fringes and get ready to see through one eye again! This July, the bodies will hit the floor. So go run to Hungry Jacks and head straight over to The Brightside.

Hosted by Lord Severus and the full lineup will be announced soon!


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